WebDoc247.com is a telemedicine platform that provides members with on demand access to a registered nurse and /or board certified, licensed physician by telephone or video conference. Contracting the leading national telemedicine provider networks, WebDoc247 can be used to diagnose and treat up to 70% of the most common conditions that turn into unnecessary trips to your primary doctor, urgent care or the ER. WebDoc247 is offered as the telemedicine service for the iTerpret video communications platform. iTerpret is developing a global network of certified on-call interpreters with a unique on-demand Software as a Service (Saas) Video Conferencing System.




We have contracted with the nation's leading telehealth provider networks.

Our telemedicine partner of choice is CareClix. Their networks include Primary Care Physicians as well as both Medical and Surgical Specialists who represent NCQA and URAC- accredited providers in addition to being providers from premiere Hospital and Health Systems in the United States. With such diverse physician and provider affiliations, CareClix is able to provide world-class, unparalleled care to patients domestically and internationally.

All encounters are digitally archived with the highest level of security and only accessible by the patient and practitioner.





Non-Emergency Care

WebDoc247 provides fast and easy care for the treatment of non-emergency, common conditions involving routine primary care. Specific examples include allergies, throat infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, and many other everyday ailments.


WebDoc247 benefits individuals who travel frequently for both work and recreation. If you have access to a phone or email, you can consult a WebDoc247 physician, whenever and wherever you are.


WebDoc247 's consulting physicians provide you and your family with quality care, saving both time and money. Rest at home and avoid the long wait at your physician's office.






The rising cost of healthcare has forced many employers to cut back their health plans and sometimes pass some of those costs to employees. WebDoc247 can be added as a valuable solution to reduce the overall number of claims to your health plan. National studies have shown that telemedicine can be used to diagnose and treat up to 70% of the most common conditions that would otherwise end up as visits (claims) to the primary care physician, urgent care or the ER.





Members receive the WebDoc247 Mobile APP with a FREE Discount Rx Card accepted at over 63,000 pharmacies offering savings of as much as 70% on generic and name brand drugs.