WebDoc247 for Employer Groups and Member Based Organizations


WebDoc247.com is an excellent addition to the health benefits traditionally provided by employers.By reducing the need for costly physician's office and emergency room visits, WebDoc247 provides significant savings in employer health care expenses. By utilizing WebDoc247 as a first line of defense against the most common ailments, your employees can enjoy quick and convenient access to licensed physicians, without negatively impacting your bottom line.Because an estimated 70% of non-emergency medical conditions can be addressed by telephone or video consultation, WebDoc247's physician access services are a cost-effective and convenient way for employees to seek medical care.



  • Lower annual health care costs. Save an average of 25% or more in annual health care claim costs.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism. Employees can address medical issues without taking time off work.
  • Increased productivity. Maximizing access to physician care also encourages employees to seek treatment quickly and pro-actively, mitigating the risk of an illness progressing to the point where work may be missed.
  • Enhanced employee benefits. Offering WebDoc247 enhances employee recruitment and retention, and drives employee satisfaction as part of a health care benefits package.
  • No open enrollment periods. WebDoc247 is not an insurance plan - sign up whenever you want.




The WebDoc247 Main Street Plan was designed specifically for the needs of business owners with less than 10 employees. We understand the time and investment that is necessary for employers to be able to offer affordable health plans. WebDoc247 is not insurance, making it the perfect 1st line of defense for owners, employees, part timers and family members when it comes to the diagnoses and treatment of minor conditions. The following are just a few of the benefits.


- Avoid unnecessary sick days off for minor conditions

- Less visits to Urgent Care and the ER at night or on the weekends

- Stay out of germ filled waiting rooms

- Avoid co-pays, deductibles and out of pocket expenses

- No per consult fees to employer or members

- Employer dashboard for easy account management

- Affordable, all inclusive pricing: $299/ month for up to 10 members + family





Adding a WebDoc247 to your membership benefits package has the following advantages:Differentiate your association benefits. WebDoc247 offers prompt access to U.S-based, licensed physicians, directly addressing the pressing need for convenient, easy medical consultations.

Boost member recruitment and retention. WebDoc247 is a value-added benefit for employees or group members.

Provide members-only access to online health tools. WebDoc247 members can store their Electronic Medical Records and share them easily with their Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Cater to rural residents and frequent travelers. Immediate access to non-emergent care, whenever and wherever you need it.

Lower members' healthcare expenditures. Medical consults cost about the same as a co-pay and are far less expensive than PCP, urgent care, or ER visits.


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